Rodger Cunningham - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Born in New Zealand Rodger started playing guitar and bass guitar at the early age of 16. That was the beginning of his life long journey into the world of music. His musical influences are diverse and electric. New Zealand in the 60's and 70's were bombarded with music from USA, UK Australia as well as New Zealand. "We were listening to a ska, punk, jazz, reggae, fusion, soul, blues, country as well as rock. You name it we listened to it". 

In 2016 Rodger met his soon to be wife at the CANN Film Festival in France. Not long after he decided to make a life changing decision and move to the United States. Looking for guys to gig with he responded to an ad to audition for a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Leon Wilkeson has always been one of his favorite all time bass players so for him it was an easy decision. 

Rodger is not only an accomplished session recording artist, he also writes and composes music for film and television.