Sean McLeod - Drums and Percussions

Sean spent his early years growing up in Portland, Oregon where he developed a love for music at a very early age. He got a Sony walkman at the age of 9 and that became the beginning of his love for music. His father was a musician and in following his father's foot steps, he began to learn how to play the trumpet at the age 12. By the time he was 15 he discovered that the drums were his true calling. It was during this time that he took the skills necessary to be a good drummer seriously. He was heavily influenced by the grunge rock era including the bands Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and many more. 

Sean played in several classic rock bands that concentrated on the aforementioned grunge rock, punk, jazz, alternative rock and of course classic rock. He was also a member of the Blue Thunder drum line for the Seattle Seahawks. 

It was at this point that Sean began to realize he wanted more from music. He was confident he could perform at a very high level and decided he wanted to join a band with quality musicians. 

In 2016 Sean moved to Orange County, California and began his search for a quality band to play with. He joined several classic rock bands but knew inside he was looking for more than the bands he joined had to offer. One thing he knew was he was a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. Two of the drummers he respected most were the drummers that played for Lynryd Skynyrd were Bob Burns and Artimus Pyle. Sean joined Simple Man and the rest shall we say is history.